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Penedesenca: The King's Comb Chicken

Partridge or Black

This breed can be traced back to 1921 to the Spanish province of Catalonia as a barnyard chicken.  In the 1980's the breed was nearing extinction when a Spanish professor gathered the remaining chickens to redevelop the breed.   The breed is currently being developed in 4 colors: Black, Crele, Partridge and Wheaten.  The Penedesenca is out of danger of extinction but is still a very rare breed.

The Penedesenca's comb is unlike other chickens starts as a single comb and then it expands into several at the base.  In Catalanize this is referred to as a carnation (cresta en clavell) comb or king’s (cresta de rei) comb.

Although it has a white earlobe, hens lay a very dark egg.  It is a Mediterranean breed so can be a very showy bird for exposition.   Because this is a Mediterranean breed, it can be flighty and prefers free range.  Ours are happy in their breeding area which is the only way to preserve the integrity of the breed. 

Currently OurFlyBabies is  working on enhancing the beautiful Partridge and the robust Black colors.  Please contact us if your are interested adding this scout breed to your barnyard flock.